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How to stay fresh down there while pregnant

The best gift you can give to people who love you is to take care of yourself. This is very true and especially during pregnancy, one must remain extremely careful as there are two lives interdependent in each other. A healthy mother means a healthy baby and by any chance is the mother falls ill, the baby also gets adversely affected. So in pregnancy, stay fit and healthy will be the prime goal of every mom to be. As all know the risks of health issues are more during pregnancy as it is a very delicate period and pregnant women are easily susceptible to infections. During pregnancy, women undergo lots of hormonal changes which may affect their physical and mental well-being if not countered properly. This may adversely affect the health of the foetus growing in the womb.

If you are suffering from a regular vaginal discharge, you have no reasons to worry. Actually this is a natural process where the body secrets some discharges that helps you to keep your intimate area clean and healthy. A regular discharge will remove any kind of infectants or foreign particles from the delicate area and helps to keep it clean. So, one need not worry about vaginal discharges, until they are normal. But if you feel mild irritations or some foul smell because of excess of liquid being discharged then you can consider using a feminine wash. Feminine wash can be used by every woman to keep their intimate area clean and pleasant. Using the best feminine wash will help you avoid any sort of smell it irritation in that region. The usage of these feminine washes may become more appropriate during pregnancy because more vaginal discharges and sweat are very common at this stage. So you if feel your discharge has some unpleasant odour, then choose the best feminine wash for odour.

Points to consider before choosing a feminine wash

Though you get multiple products from multiple companies, it is very important to choose the right one especially during pregnancy because you will be in a very delicate stage. You should take care of your skin type as well as the vulnerability of the foetus before choosing any product. As you are going to use this product for a very delicate region and in a delicate period of time you must be extra cautious in choosing the product.

Go for the ones that don’t have harsh chemicals: Chemicals that induce fragrance are not safe to be used in this most sensitive area. So consider using a feminine wash that has no artificial chemicals or scents

Consider the percentage of glycerine: In any feminine wash, the percentage of glycerine matters much because glycerine is the actual component which takes care of hydration. More flying glycerine a product contains better hydration it gives.

Check for antibacterial and anti-fungal property: when you are searching for an appropriate feminine wash, do look for its anti-microbial properties. Substances like lactic acid, glycerides etc. will not only cleanse your private part well but will also help to keep infections microbes like bacteria and fungus away from getting in to your vagina. Pregnant women are more susceptible to such microbial infections and this it becomes very important to choose the right wash to stay safe and away from infections.


Tips to keep your intimate area clean and hygienic

*As your body weight and heat increase during pregnancy sweating becomes very common especially in the lower part of your body. This makes your private part wet and the chances of microbial growth will increase. So consider using appropriate clothing that allows proper ventilation. Cotton inners and lower wears are always advisable and you can also use panty liners if you sweat very often.

* The growth of pubic hairs is a common phenomenon in every adult. But to keep it or clean shave it is the personal decision of an individual. But it is true that as the thickness of these hairs increases sweating will be more and more moisture gets retained there. This often leads to itchiness and stinking smell in the area. So it is always better to get rid of these hairs to avoid sweating and keep your part dry.

* Be cautious about every activity you do during your pregnancy. It may be eating, bathing, sleeping or anything that you do regularly. Take care of what you eat and be careful about stuffs that are allergic to your body. Tub bath is not advisable during pregnancy especially for long time.  The more your inner part gets soaked in water, more are the chances of infections. So it is better to take a shower are bath in standing position than lying down in bath tubs.

* Maintaining hygiene in your surroundings is another point to stay away from infections. Always use clean toilets and bathrooms and avoid using any common toilets or public toilets as this may increase the chances of getting infected with microbes.

* As you are easily prone to infections during pregnancy, know about all causes and safety measures to stay away from such infections.  Talk to your doctor freely and understand the symptoms and risks of any possible bacterial or fungal infection so that you can avoid them and also detect them at early stages. Being informed about every risk is very important to stay away from it.

Final say: Among many common issues that bother pregnant ladies, vaginal discharge and vaginal infections are pretty complicated issues. However they can be easily treated if noted on time. So it becomes very important for a pregnant lady to monitor her vaginal discharges regularly to ensure that she and her little one are safe and away from any kind of infections. An increase in the vaginal discharge is pretty common during pregnancy and one may not really worry about it until the discharge is abnormal. All abnormal vaginal discharge refers to a discharge with very bad odour, very dark colour or a discharge which is extremely thick. These may need immediate medical attention and so if you notice any such abnormalities then consider visiting your gynaecologist without a miss.

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What Makes A Face Look Older?

It is encouraged that avoidance is the key to preventing early aging. That is why it is a must to take excellent care of our skin while we are more youthful. Another thing that you ought to keep in mind is that you need to be familiar with what triggers it. There are a lot of causes that can cause this issue. Check out Lady and Beard to know more about early aging.

What Makes A Face Look Older


Absence of Sleep

Have you ever questioned why your skin looks so lifeless and unsightly by keeping up all night with just a few hours of sleep? Tension and absence of sleep makes your body produce more cortisol than regular. It will also accelerate the recreation of free radicals. This hormone breaks down collagen and elastin, the key aspects in making your skin smooth, flexible, healthy and younger.

To avoid this from occurring, ensure that you consist of some foods that are helpful for the body immune system. Do not forget to get an excellent night’s sleep.

Sugar Overload

For people who have such a craving for sweets, having too much of a great thing can be really bad. Excessive sugar in the body can be a cause for skin aging. Excess sugar in the system produces a procedure called “glycation”, which is a bonding procedure in between fats, proteins and sugar. This procedure takes place within the tissues, which therefore triggers muscle inflexibility, swelling and the production of free radicals.

If you are wish to get your sugar repair, attempt going with a couple of pieces of dark chocolate, or low sugar fruits. You do not really need to quit on sugary foods. You simply need to consume it in small amounts.

Sun Direct exposure

The sun is among the most significant sources of skin aging. Photoaging is the skin’s aging response to extended direct exposure to the sun. This leads to old and wrinkly, blemished skin, in addition to tightened up and extended lips.

If you wish to prevent these indications of skin aging, always use sunscreen before you go out. Attempt to prevent direct exposure throughout peak hours where the heat of the sun’s rays are at its greatest. Use an umbrella if you can. If you are going to sunbathe, use thick quantities of sunscreen with an SPF of 30 and above. Refraining from doing so will also make you at danger for skin cancer.

Dry Skin

If you have very dry skin, it is suggested to hydrate yourself from the within out. Increase your water consumption and also consist of an excellent moisturizer into your everyday skin regimen. Select one that is targeted for your skin type and environment.

Do you love the sun, can’t get enough sun direct exposure? Well think what extreme sun direct exposure, damages your skin triggering it age too soon and increases your opportunities of skin cancer. If you’re going to be outside use good sense and secure yourself from the sun’s radiation.

Specifically when you’re smoking. Yes, this must come as not a surprise, however cigarette smokers or people who are exposed to an excessive quantity of pre-owned smoke will develop wrinkles earlier than they should. Smoke dries your skin out and diminishes your body of vitamin C – a needed element for younger and healthy-looking skin. Smoking can be nearly as hazardous to your skin as ultraviolet rays from the sun … not to discuss what it does to the rest of your body. Do yourself a favor and stop this nasty routine.

Even if you’ve completed a hard day at work … does not indicate you have to raise your glass and down a couple of brewskies every night. Consuming alcohol in small amounts is fine, however excess alcohol can cause harmed capillary in your skin that can provide you that red, flushed look. You may even see damaged capillary near your skin’s surface. Excessive to drink is specified by the Centers for Illness Control and Avoidance as more than one drink a day for the women and 2 for men.

You’re most likely like many individuals today because you have bad consuming practices and do not get anywhere near the quantity of workout you should! Correct nutrition and workout has a significant influence on how you look. If you wish to look more youthful you need to understand the significance of these life extending and boosting human activities.

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How to Get Rid of Bad Body Odor Naturally?

At present, many people are always keeps on rushing to complete their daily works but they fail to take care of their hygiene. Especially when people do heavy workouts in gym or repair their car and covered with full of grease the first thing they like to do is to get complete refreshing bath and clean them. In general people always tends to use soap or body wash lotions to clean their body in order to clean the skin and keep the moisture of the skin. But not all body lotions and soap are suitable for both genders usually men would have rough skin which would quickly loss their moisture so when they use unisex soaps and lotions it would not be much effective for them. Many can now search is there any alternative way? It is so simple instead of sharing unisex soaps & lotions men can use body wash that is especially made for men which would be highly effective to keep the skin moisture good enough. On other hand men after completing their work due to heavy sweating the natural odour smells too bad thus when men use body wash lotions or soap made for men it helps lot to get rid from that bad body odor.

Top most preferred body wash for men

Most of the men would always get struck in confusion how to get rid of bad body odour naturally for long time period even after a heavy work. To the surprise using men body lotions are best way to get rid of bad body odours naturally but most of the time people would be confused to choose men body wash. There are several varieties of body wash are available in market choosing best for usage is quite difficult. To make clear enough people can read here about Top most preferred men body wash and their purposes too thus the top most body wash are listed below.

  • Man made wash
  • EO Everyone Soap for Men
  • Rugged & Dapper Body Wash-Shampoo
  • American Crew Deodorant Body Wash
  • Fieldworks Organic All-Natural Body Wash

Man made wash

Man made wash


This brand remains to be top most preferred body wash which gives a manly look. This body wash is used as 3 in 1 purpose which gives a manly look after using the product after bath. Moreover the body wash emit tobacco odor and the wash pH level is balanced, parabens free and helps to have best moisture skin.



EO Everyone Soap for Men

EO Everyone Soap for Men

It is also 3 in 1 used body wash and it is one of the unique body wash used by men. This body wash can be used as shampoo too even it also used as shaving cream to have smooth beard shave after bathing.





Rugged & Dapper body wash shampoo for men

Rugged & Dapper body wash shampoo for men

If people look for double purpose body wash and shampoo then rugged & dapper body wash shampoo would be best choice. This product usually contains all natural ingredients such as tea tree, orange peel and rose hip.





American Crew Deodorant Body Wash

American Crew Deodorant Body Wash

Most of the men are familiar with this product as it is widely used in barbershop in the country. Apart from body wash this product can be used as pre shave oil which ensures smooth and comfort shaving. Moreover this product is designed to eliminate the body odor instead of covering them with fragrance of body wash thus it is generally known as deodorant body wash.




Fieldworks Organic All-Natural Body Wash

Fieldworks Organic All-Natural Body Wash

Apart from all other product this natural body washer can be used by both gender were it is made with concentrates of several natural organic compounds. Thus when people use this product it gives a natural fresh odor and also gives good health to the skin.

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Psoriasis on Body

Psoriasis is an allergic skin disorder which spreads and transmits throughout the entire body of the affected individual. It can also last lifelong and this type of skin disease is not contagious one and it does not possess any threat to the life of the victims. This skin is the inflammatory skin condition which is caused by the signals of the immune system. The few symptoms of psoriasis include patching of the normal skin layers, reddish appearance of the skin covered with scaly silver-white coloured substance, burning sensation of the skin, skin irritations, acute inflammation of the skin layers, continuous itching sensation and bleeding along with slight skin ruptures.

Causes of the psoriasis

The inflammation is caused by the immune system of the individual’s own body by the abnormal secretion of the chemicals. These chemicals are discharged by the white blood cells that are meant to heal their own cells. The red flaky patches are seen in affected individual’s body on the scalp, knees, elbows as well as the lower back. Many of the psoriasis patients do not take it as a serious ailment because it does not possess any threatening activities of life on the individual’s body. Psoriasis is also an extreme serious repercussion on the inflicted individual’s body since it affects the life quality of the patients directly. The impact caused by psoriasis is difficult to manage.

This serious skin disease is listed as a chronic illness. Chronic disease means that it can be extended along with the life span of the victim because there is no specific cure for this condition. This circumstance makes the patients suffer helplessly throughout their life without any proper remedies. Patients affected by psoriasis feel that the appearance of the skin is the worst part of their disease. It is also proved by a study. There is also another study which states that the psoriasis patients feel much frustrating to have their skin itching as well as skin scaling up. These patients also tend to pull up towards the depressed state as well as the stressful stage at the times of flares and also remission. This makes the patients much irritated and they tend to feel angry often. The continuous state of itching, inflammation, scaling and irritation makes them disappointed and imbibes the negative feelings on them.

Remedies to control psoriasis

The patients undergo not only the physical pain of piercing and irritation but also the skin disorders which lead to the emotional trauma on the daily basis life. The psoriasis patients tend to become isolated because they experience an extreme part of bad self-esteem and also the reduction of confidence. They also tend to feel the dejection because of society which treats them disdainful. This leads many patients especially male to take up bad habits as a part of relieving their stress such as heavy smoking and also the high intake of alcohol. Psoriasis patients think that these activities will certainly help them to relieve stress but it is not true. Such kind of activities will surely lead their health towards the bad condition.

Many experts have stated that smoking and drinking can also be one of the reasons for the prolonged skin disease and it would make it still worse. Society can be also blamed for this act because many fail to see the person’s pain and dejection and disappointment behind the face. Psoriasis patients undergo an awful experience and we should not treat them awful.

Psoriasis cannot be cured completely but it can be reduced and brought under control. The initial step to be taken to control psoriasis is that patients should use the best body wash for psoriasis for easing the pain. Moreover, the patients should have self confidence and love themselves

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3 Killers In Your Kitchen

There’s no safer place than the kitchen, right?

Unfortunately, no. Turns out it’s a minefield of toxicity.

Brightly packaged air fresheners, Teflon pans, and cleaners contain ingredients that mess with our delicate endocrine system and create toxic gases. Incredibly, the things we think are goodfor our family and our home can cause us harm.

Detoxing your home should begin in the kitchen with these sneaky three:

  • Air fresheners: Phthalates are most commonly found in air fresheners, which disrupt the endocrine system and can cause reproductive and neurological damage. Avoid the word “fragrance” on air fresheners, as it can be a synonym for pthalates.

Healthy alternative: Try an oil diffuser using Citrus Bliss, Lemon, or Lavender oils.  Fragrant, safe, and totally uplifting! doTERRA makes a great one.

  • Teflon pans: So easy to cook in, so easy to clean, Teflon revolutionized our cooking when it was accidentally discovered 70 years ago. However, peflourooanoic acid (PFOA), a chemical used to produce Teflon, has been appearing in blood samples of people worldwide and has been found to cause birth defects. The EPA has recommended that PFOA be classified as a human carcinogen.

Healthy alternative: Go old school! Cast iron, stoneware, and glass are all inert and equally effective.

  • Cleaners with chlorine and ammonia: Chlorine and ammonia are deadly ingredients commonly used in household cleaners, including toilet bowl and oven cleaner. The Environmental Protection Agency found that chlorine byproducts are 300,000 times more carcinogenic than the chemical pesticide DDT.

Healthy alternative: Use cleaners such as baking soda, doTERRA’s Lemon Oil, vinegar, hydrogen peroxide and castile soap. They smell great and keep your home sparkling!

Lemon Oil: The Ultimate Cleaning Tool

I use doTERRA’s Lemon Oil all the time to clean. You’ve GOT to try it; you’ll be hooked!

Disinfect: You can add lemon oil to a spray bottle of water and attack what may be living in your range hood, on your tables, countertops and other surfaces. For some extra chemical-free firepower, a little vinegar is a traditional favorite.

Lose the Gas Mask: When you clean the gunky build up in your shower, do you practically have to wear a gas mask to survive the fumes? Go gas mask free and clean with lemon oil. Just a small amount of lemon oil will go a long way in removing hard water build up.

See more at: – sthash.Hvh09XCi.dpuf

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deep blue

The Killer $2.5 Billion Drug

Chances are you’ve popped a few in your lifetime.

Some companies even put a sweet coating on them, like candy.

Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDS) – better known as ibuprofen/naproxen – are marketed as safe and effective on pain.

And it’s true: They are … but only when used occasionally as directed.

NSAIDS are big business to companies: In the U.S. alone, more than $2.5 billion is spent per year by those seeking pain relief.

And that’s okay if it’s for the monthly headache.

But for those with a chronic pain condition, like rheumatoid arthritis or other autoimmune disorder, popping ibuprofen will hurt you more than it will help you.

Chronic use of NSAIDS has been proven to cause:

  • Kidney and liver damage, or failure.
  • Thinning of blood; internal bleeding
  • Ulcers

Kicking the Ibuprofen Habit Starts Here

My husband Nick and I have a secret weapon we use when tension, muscular pain, or joint pain hits: Deep Blue®.

It’s a proprietary, highly effective oil blend that dōTERRA® makes. You can buy it in a roller for your bag, a tube if you like lotion, or as a straight essential oil.

What’s in it? Check it out: wintergreen, camphor, peppermint, blue tansy, blue chamomile, and helichrysum.

These powerful and highly effective pain relievers work together to ease achy joints and sore muscles. Its effects are deep and penetrating … with sustained results.

Why is it so powerful? The main ingredients are highly concentrated, therapeutic grade essential oils.

Rub, massage, or roll on Deep Blue, and you will instantly release the magic of:

  • Wintergreen: cortisone-like properties
  • Camphor: anti-inflammatory
  • Peppermint: anti-inflammatory to damaged tissues; soothing and cooling affect that often helps arthritis and rheumatism
  • Blue Tansy: anti-inflammatory; pain reliever
  • German Chamomile: supports joint health and arthritis
  • Helichrysum: beneficial to the circulatory system, an imperative part of healing of the joints and muscles

Favorite ways for me and my clients to use Deep Blue are on:

  • Injuries to reduce inflammation and bruising.
  • Sore muscles after exercising.
  • My temples, forehead and back of the neck to relieve a headache.
  • Arthritic hands/knuckles to lessen pain from rheumatoid arthritis.

Want to try Deep Blue for yourself? Click here and message me. Or visit here to order yours today!

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Start Drinking This Today!

This is one of the most popular drinks in the detox, initially people either love it or hate it,  but it tends to grow on you.   When you start to feel good, you don’t want to stop. At the end of every detox people always ask if they can continue with the morning elixir  because they feel so good.

I always prepare my elixir the night before and have it next to my bed, so I can have it before my feet hit the floor.

  • 1 cup room temperature water
  • Juice from one lemon
  • 1 tsp up to 2 tbsp of Bragg’s Raw Apple Cider Vinegar(increase as you can tolerate)
  • 1 tsp raw local honey or a drop of stevia
  • 1/2 inch of fresh grated ginger root, or  1/4 tsp of ground ginger, or one drop of Ginger Essential Oil

Optional: 1/2 to 1 tsp. cinnamon, this will help temper the taste of the Apple Cider Vinegar


  • Stimulates digestion
  • Releases toxins from the liver
  • Jump starts your digestive enzymes
  • Loaded with Vitamin C

Want to learn more about Raw Apple Cider Vinegar and it’s amazing benefits? Click here

Early bird registration for the Winter Detox is open! CLICK HERE to register. Pre Detox starts March 4th.

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10 Essential Oils And Blends For Detoxing Your Body

The winter blahs have struck with a vengeance.

But I have a secret weapon – actually, 10 of them – to detox my way out of the gross, sluggish rut I find myself in sometimes.

Essential oils are my definite go-to for detoxing my body. They are, hands-down, spot on for their medicinal and therapeutic benefits.

Oils, you say? Absolutely. Oils have been used throughout history in many cultures for their medicinal and therapeutic benefits.

Here are my top 10 favorites and how I love to use them, especially when I’m not feeling my best.

(And if you’re not feeling your best, you should try my winter detox! I have a new one beginning March 4. Click here to find out more information on getting your energy back, your stress levels down, and unhealthy cravings out of your life … for good!)

 The following list features dōTERRA CPTG Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade® essential oils, the safest, purest, and most beneficial essential oils available today.

My Favorite Oils

Lemon: for my lymphatic system. I add 2 drops of lemon to my water every morning. This citrus oil stimulates white blood cells to defend the body against infection.

Lavender: for supporting my adrenal glands. The refreshing aroma removes nervous exhaustion, restlessness, and increases mental activity.

Peppermint: for cleansing the lymphatic system, releasing weight gain and relieving sluggish digestion. When applied topically, Peppermint helps support the gallbladder; it decreases inflammation as well.

Lemongrass: for drainage within the body. Therapeutic properties of lemongrass include: analgesic, anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, anti-parasitic, antiseptic, astringent and sedative.

My Favorite Blends

Slim & Sassy: a pleasant blend of grapefruit, lemon, peppermint, ginger and cinnamon essential oils, formulated to help manage hunger, calm your stomach and lift your mood. It’s an ideal oil for cleansing the liver, balancing blood sugar, and improving metabolism.

DigestZen: my “go to” oil for complete digestive support. DigestZen is a propriety blend of anise, caraway, coriander, fennel, ginger, peppermint, and tarragon that supports alleviation from congestion, constipation, diarrhea, heartburn, indigestion, motion sickness, nausea, and stomach aches.

On Guard: for immune support. It’s also a wonderful oil to combat bacteria; it can be used on soles of your feet.

My Favorite Oils for Emotional Support

Detoxes can bring out all sorts of emotions. Fortunately, there are oils out there to help you through.

Balance (grounding blend): Promotes whole body relaxation, evokes feelings of tranquility and balance. Two drops on the bottoms of my feet first thing in the morning and evening.

Serenity (calming blend): Serenity creates a sense of well-being and relaxation. Rub on the chest at night.

And last but not least, an oil just for detoxification!

Zendocrine: Zendocrine supports the body’s natural ability to rid itself of unwanted substances by promoting a healthy endocrine system and liver function. I like to put a few drops in my water or smoothies or rub it directly on my belly.

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A Kale Chip Recipe That Will Replace Your Potato Chip, I Promise

It has been the Fall of kale chips in our house.  Anyone who has been to my house the last few months has had kale chips.  There have been many variations of this recipe, including one tonight with cayenne, which was too spicy for me.  As a recovering barbeque chip addict these have been a surprisingly delicious replacement, with the tahini making them rich and filling.  They are super easy to make and kid friendly.  Plus they are in the Fall detox.

I highly advise doubling this recipe, they go fast.

Kale Chip Recipe

  • 1 bunch kale
  • 3 tablespoon coconut oil (melted)
  • 3 tablespoons flaxseed powder
  • 2 tablespoon nutritional yeast
  • 2 tablespoons tahini
  • 1/2 teaspoon sea salt
  • Juice from a half lemon

Preheat your oven to 200 degrees Fahrenheit. Wash, rinse, and dry your kale leaves. Remove the leaves from the stem using your hands (do not use a knife). Continue to rip the kale into bite-sized pieces.

Mix all the ingredients in bowl. Once the kale is ready, add it to a mixing bowl and pour over the mixture. Mix well, ensuring that all the leaves are coated with the mixture. Line a baking sheet with parchment paper. (I have not used parchment paper and it’s fine, but always makes cleanup a snap) Place the kale onto the baking sheet in a single layer. Bake for 45 minute to an hour. Once the kale is done, remove the chips from the oven and allow them to rest for 10 minutes before eating.

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I Never Leave Home Without This

The 1 Thing I Never Leave Home Without

The three kings had it right when they packed frankincense, one of the costliest and most fragrant essential oils on earth.

Next to my kids and my phone, it’s the one thing I never leave home without.

Why? With people hacking and sneezing all over their carts at Meijer, doTERRA’s frankincense is the weapon of choice for wellness warriors like me.

My favorite way is to put two drops under the tongue each morning. As a pharmaceutical grade essential oil, frankincense is absorbed directly into the bloodstream

For health and wellness, it’s a gift that was truly heaven-sent.

 Special for December only! Earn a FREE 15 mL Frankincense ($93.00 retail value) by placing ANY single 200PV order from December 1 through December 31, 2014.

Frankincense: The Gift That Keeps on Giving

For stronger immunity – Frankincense has anti-inflammatory properties. That means it can help reduce symptoms of respiratory issues such as asthma or a cough from the common cold. It is also an anti-septic/disinfectant, so it helps your body fights off germs.

For pain relief – Typical body pain may also be improved with frankincense. It is used for headaches and sore muscles as well as PMS pain and reduction of arthritis symptoms.

For skin & hair – Frankincense has anti-aging properties, making it a nice addition to lotions and skin creams. It is an astringent than can strengthen the roots of your hair while toning and lifting skin to reduce the appearance of wrinkles.

For improved digestion – In your digestive system, frankincense can encourage the production of gastric juices like bile. It can also be used as a diuretic.

For stress & anxiety – As a topical oil, it can act as a sedative, promoting feelings of peace and relaxation.

14 Uses for Frankincense Oil

Disinfect cuts and wounds

Promotes healthy skin

Scar reducer

Chest congestion

Severe cough relief

Drop under the tongue for overall health

Laryngitis throat spray


Reduces stretch marks

Heals throat inflammation and damage due to acid reflux


Heals acne scars

Diffuse with other oils for a “holiday smell”


Need some extra energy this season? Check out this great tip!

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