About doTERRRA

DoTERRA Essential Oils Are Incredible.

This past year, my husband Nick and I began using dōTERRA products in search of more natural solutions for our family’s health and wellness care. As part of our wellness journey, we knew integrating essential oils into our lifestyle would be an important step.

Not only have we been able to naturally and effectively cope with common health complaints, we have also been able to offer solutions to our family and friends who can genuinely feel our loving intent while experiencing fabulous results.

Babies Really Make You Think About What You Use.

After our twins were born, I wanted to make sure I was using the gentlest of products. It was a little scary to see all of the compounds I was using to clean, treat, and soothe those I love … including myself.

The Essence Of Nature In A Little Brown Vial.

I was thrilled to discover doTERRA Essential Oils. Human beings have been turning to nature for millennia. Essential oils are the very essence of nature in its purest form.

Open a vial and inhale – that comfort you feel is a powerful instinct; your body knows what’s good for you. But don’t let the ethereal scents fool you — these little brown bottles pack a punch far greater than they let on.

I Use Essential Oils To Benefit The Body, Mind, And Spirit.

Essential oils are powerful and have a mind-boggling array of uses. Their natural properties benefit the body, mind, and spirit in countless ways.

Herbal essential oils have anti-bacterialanti-fungalanti-tumoralanti-parasitic and antiseptic properties. They are unique in that they can cross the cellular membrane because their molecules are lipophilic, which is pretty amazing since antibiotics cannot do this and therefore, have no effect on things like viruses.

The Best Oils In The World Are DoTERRA.

Why doTERRA? I’ve also spent hours researching various companies. Time and again, doTERRA rose to the top. They are outrageously committed to sourcing the best oils in the world for world-class health care. doTERRA essential oils are unadulterated, chemical-free, and best of all, they WORK.

DoTERRA Products Can Be Used In A Variety Of Ways:


How Do You Get Started? Right Here, Right Now.

Ready get serious about your health? Then you need to think seriously about a wholesale membership, even if you are brand-new to the idea of essential oils. Starting with a wholesale account means 25 percent off on everything you buy and other incredible perks:

Yes, you can search the internet for cheaper prices, but consider yourself warned:

You pay for what you get.

Those cheap oils CANNOT be taken internally, and can have harmful additives. Searching for cheaper brand name prices mean already opened bottles and questionable purity.

Why Wellness? Why DoTERRA?

After graduating from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and studying under Dr. Sara Gottfried, my intensive training has taught me how to heal the body and balance hormones using real food and a holistic approach.

Toxins in our food, air, skincare products, and medication spin our hormones out of whack. Studies show it only takes 26 seconds for products applied to the skin to enter the bloodstream. Unbelievable right? Now, think about all those chemicals and toxins applied to your skin – or your baby’s – on a daily basis.

Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils, like doTERRA’s, are FREE of toxins can absorb into your bloodstream and aid in healing yourself.

I’m telling you now – that these essential oils will forever change your life!