About Kim Murray

I am a married mom of twins and a Board Certified Health Counselor (AADP). I am​​​​​​​​​​ excited to share everything I have learned about Wellness, and inspire you to live fully within your own life’s purpose. We all have an innate nature to want to evolve and everyone has healthy desires. My mission is to coach and inspire you to evolve and transform into the healthiest version of yourself!

Kim Murray Health & Wellness Coach

I would like to say I have been eating right my entire life, but it’s not true, and anyone who knows me well will be more than happy to tell you about my past eating habits.  In fact, I really didn’t become too aware of what I was putting in my mouth until five years ago.

When I was in my twenties I did a lot of long training runs and two marathons.   The long runs helped me to easily justify eating bagels with lots of cream cheese and the two cheeseburger combo at McDonalds.  Despite my poor diet I managed to maintain a decent weight, mostly because I wasn’t out drinking and eating at all hours of the night.   I was also in my 20’s, and as the saying goes, ignorance is bliss.

In my early 30s after moving from Chicago to Northern Michigan I transitioned into road bike riding, frequently going out for  2 to 3 hour rides.  My husband became quite the chef and following our  40 to 60+ mile rides we would enjoy decadent dinners.   My meals continued to be my treat for my long workouts.

Becoming A Mother
Understanding Health, Wellness & The Mind-Body Connection

In October 2007 I gave birth to twins and quickly realized my days of long workouts and leisurely recoveries had come to an abrupt halt.   In order to maintain some semblance of my former conditioning, something needed to change in my diet, drastically. Shortly after Willa and Hayden were born my husband read a book called The China Study and we stopped eating meat.  My reasons were primarily based on what I learned about factory farming and my love of animals.  My husband believed in the animal protein consumption and western disease connection.  I was fine with it, he is an amazing cook, and we ate well. I felt great, not the best ever, but good. (we have since started eating meat again, in moderation and with great awareness of where are meat comes from)

Five years into my big diet change, between working, and managing the twins along with my husband’s travel schedule, I crashed, and crashed hard.  My crash came mostly in the form of panic attacks and debilitating anxiety. It was only then that I truly slowed down, mostly because I didn’t have a choice.  It was basically my version of a heart attack, and the “wake up call”, or as I like to say now the “AWARENESS” call that some of us need to change in order to live.

During this period in my life I became profoundly aware of the mind-body connection. I looked at all aspects of my health including diet, possible nutrient deficiencies, and the type of workouts I was doing.  I quickly realized based on my nature, that my body and mind needed much more relaxed and gentle yoga versus the intense yoga, running, and biking I had always done.  I also began a regular meditation practice in order to exercise my mind.

None of these changes happened overnight and I took them very seriously and made significant life changes. I have now have been able to find a balance in my diet, workouts and mindfulness that work for me. I am excited to share what I call my “Wellness Toolbox” including foods for energy, relaxation techniques, identifying behavioral eating and stress triggers and much more.  My schooling over the last year has really opened my mind that there is no one size fits all.

I have a passion for health and love Dr. Andrew Weil’s definition:

HEALTH IS WHOLENESS AND BALANCE, an inner resilience that allows you to meet the demands of living without being overwhelmed.