How to Stay Fresh Down There While Pregnant?

fresh down there

The best gift you can give to people who love you is to take care of yourself. This is very true and especially during pregnancy, one must remain extremely careful as there are two lives interdependent in each other. A healthy mother means a healthy baby and by any chance is the mother falls ill, the baby also gets adversely affected. So in pregnancy, stay fit and healthy will be the prime goal of every mom to be. As all know the risks of health issues are more during pregnancy as it is a very delicate period and pregnant women are easily susceptible to infections. During pregnancy, women undergo lots of hormonal changes which may affect their physical and mental well-being if not countered properly. This may adversely affect the health of the foetus growing in the womb.

If you are suffering from a regular vaginal discharge

You have no reasons to worry. Actually this is a natural process where the body secrets some discharges that helps you to keep your intimate area clean and healthy. A regular discharge will remove any kind of infectants or foreign particles from the delicate area and helps to keep it clean. So, one need not worry about vaginal discharges, until they are normal. But if you feel mild irritations or some foul smell because of excess of liquid being discharged then you can consider using a feminine wash.

Feminine wash can be used by every woman to keep their intimate area clean and pleasant. Using the best feminine wash will help you avoid any sort of smell it irritation in that region. The usage of these feminine washes may become more appropriate during pregnancy because more vaginal discharges and sweat are very common at this stage. So you if feel your discharge has some unpleasant odour, then choose the best feminine wash for odour.

Points to consider before choosing a feminine wash

Though you get multiple products from multiple companies, it is very important to choose the right one especially during pregnancy because you will be in a very delicate stage. You should take care of your skin type as well as the vulnerability of the foetus before choosing any product. As you are going to use this product for a very delicate region and in a delicate period of time you must be extra cautious in choosing the product.

Go for the ones that don’t have harsh chemicals

Chemicals that induce fragrance are not safe to be used in this most sensitive area. So consider using a feminine wash that has no artificial chemicals or scents

Consider the percentage of glycerine

In any feminine wash, the percentage of glycerine matters much because glycerine is the actual component which takes care of hydration. More flying glycerine a product contains better hydration it gives.

Check for antibacterial and anti-fungal property

When you are searching for an appropriate feminine wash, do look for its anti-microbial properties. Substances like lactic acid, glycerides etc. will not only cleanse your private part well but will also help to keep infections microbes like bacteria and fungus away from getting in to your vagina. Pregnant women are more susceptible to such microbial infections and this it becomes very important to choose the right wash to stay safe and away from infections.


Tips to keep your intimate area clean and hygienic

*As your body weight and heat increase during pregnancy sweating becomes very common especially in the lower part of your body. This makes your private part wet and the chances of microbial growth will increase. So consider using appropriate clothing that allows proper ventilation. Cotton inners and lower wears are always advisable and you can also use panty liners if you sweat very often.

* The growth of pubic hairs is a common phenomenon in every adult. But to keep it or clean shave it is the personal decision of an individual. But it is true that as the thickness of these hairs increases sweating will be more and more moisture gets retained there. This often leads to itchiness and stinking smell in the area. So it is always better to get rid of these hairs to avoid sweating and keep your part dry.

Be cautious about every activity you do during your pregnancy

It may be eating, bathing, sleeping or anything that you do regularly. Take care of what you eat and be careful about stuffs that are allergic to your body. Tub bath is not advisable during pregnancy especially for long time.  The more your inner part gets soaked in water, more are the chances of infections. So it is better to take a shower are bath in standing position than lying down in bath tubs.

* Maintaining hygiene in your surroundings is another point to stay away from infections. Always use clean toilets and bathrooms and avoid using any common toilets or public toilets as this may increase the chances of getting infected with microbes.

* As you are easily prone to infections during pregnancy, know about all causes and safety measures to stay away from such infections.  Talk to your doctor freely and understand the symptoms and risks of any possible bacterial or fungal infection so that you can avoid them and also detect them at early stages. Being informed about every risk is very important to stay away from it.

Final say

Among many common issues that bother pregnant ladies, vaginal discharge and vaginal infections are pretty complicated issues. However they can be easily treated if noted on time. So it becomes very important for a pregnant lady to monitor her vaginal discharges regularly to ensure that she and her little one are safe and away from any kind of infections. An increase in the vaginal discharge is pretty common during pregnancy and one may not really worry about it until the discharge is abnormal. All abnormal vaginal discharge refers to a discharge with very bad odour, very dark colour or a discharge which is extremely thick. These may need immediate medical attention and so if you notice any such abnormalities then consider visiting your gynaecologist without a miss.