I Never Leave Home Without This


The 1 Thing I Never Leave Home Without

The three kings had it right when they packed frankincense, one of the costliest and most fragrant essential oils on earth.

Next to my kids and my phone, it’s the one thing I never leave home without.

Why? With people hacking and sneezing all over their carts at Meijer, doTERRA’s frankincense is the weapon of choice for wellness warriors like me.

My favorite way is to put two drops under the tongue each morning. As a pharmaceutical grade essential oil, frankincense is absorbed directly into the bloodstream

For health and wellness, it’s a gift that was truly heaven-sent.

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Frankincense: The Gift That Keeps on Giving

For stronger immunity – Frankincense has anti-inflammatory properties. That means it can help reduce symptoms of respiratory issues such as asthma or a cough from the common cold. It is also an anti-septic/disinfectant, so it helps your body fights off germs.

For pain relief – Typical body pain may also be improved with frankincense. It is used for headaches and sore muscles as well as PMS pain and reduction of arthritis symptoms.

For skin & hair – Frankincense has anti-aging properties, making it a nice addition to lotions and skin creams. It is an astringent than can strengthen the roots of your hair while toning and lifting skin to reduce the appearance of wrinkles.

For improved digestion – In your digestive system, frankincense can encourage the production of gastric juices like bile. It can also be used as a diuretic.

For stress & anxiety – As a topical oil, it can act as a sedative, promoting feelings of peace and relaxation.

14 Uses for Frankincense Oil

Disinfect cuts and wounds

Promotes healthy skin

Scar reducer

Chest congestion

Severe cough relief

Drop under the tongue for overall health

Laryngitis throat spray


Reduces stretch marks

Heals throat inflammation and damage due to acid reflux


Heals acne scars

Diffuse with other oils for a “holiday smell”


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